Premium Performance

July 16, 2014 12:17 am

6a019b01b0f8a8970d019b02109e6f970bAt Country Vet Pet Foods we realize some folks want the best they can buy and that’s why we created our four premium lines of pet food.

Country Vet Premium Active Formula

This dog food is formulated for active, hard working dogs.  We’ve designed it for top performance and increased stamina while maintaining your dog’s optimal health and physical condition. With 26% protein and 18% fat Country Vet Premium Active also meets the demands of gestating and lactating females.

Country Vet Premium Maintenance Formula

If your dog is moderately active and you need a quality maintenance feed program this is the perfect diet.  With 22% protein and 12% fat, Country Vet Premium Maintenance is designed to promote your pet’s optimal health and well-being while maintaining physical condition without excess weight gain.

Country Vet Premium Puppy Formula

Getting your puppy off to a positive, healthy start is critical.  Country Vet Premium Puppy is formulated with vital nutrients for the healthy development of growing puppies.  With 30% protein and 16% and made as a small kibble it’s great for gestating and lactating females as well.

Country Vet Premium Cat and Kitten Formula

You want your cat to have the best and that’s why we created our premium cat and kitten formula.  As with all our products, Premium Cat and Kitten is high in Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.  With 30% protein and 15% fat, soy and wheat free it’s the purrrrfict choice for cat lovers.

All of our pet foods are made in a Safe Feed/Safe Food certified facility right here in the middle of the Midwest.  Country Vet Pet Foods, Love by Pets – Trusted by Owners.