About Country Vet Naturals

We took our time with Country Vet® Naturals.  When others were rushing to meet the demand of a “natural” pet food line we took our time to make sure our formula was perfect.  You may remember a line of dog food known as Dog Fuel.  We took that very popular formula, tweaked it just a bit, and created Country Vet® Naturals.  For months we’ve interacted with consumers, just like you, who have told us they want a dog food that is made in the USA, feeds very well, offers great benefits for joint health and coat but, most of all, they demanded a natural product at a fair price.  That’s exactly what you get with the new Country Vet® Naturals.

Country Vet® Naturals is made right here in the Midwest with distribution nationwide.  You can find your local dealer on our “Find a Dealer” page and if there isn’t one near you…encourage your favorite dealer to make contact with us.  One more thing.  Country Vet® Naturals has on each bag, “Guaranteed Goodness”.  That means if you are not satisfied with the dog food…let us know and we’ll make it good.  That’s what folks from Iowa do.

Country Vet® Naturals – Loved by Pets/Trusted by Owners