Active Athlete

Hard working, athletic dogs will love this food and you’ll love the results.
30/20 Active Athlete

Healthy Diet

Adult Keeping dogs healthy is your goal… and ours!
24/14 Healthy Diet

Senior Dogs

Older dogs are special friends who require a diet that matches their decreased metabolism.
24/10 Senior Diet

Growing Puppies

A healthy start is a gift of love.
28/18 Healthy Puppy

Grain Free Cat Food

34/15 for Cats


Grain Free Dog Food

28/16 for Dogs

Quick Bite Cookies

Oatmeal & Cranberry Flavor

Made with 100% U.S. sourced ingredients. So good they may be mistaken for Mom’s cookies fresh from the oven!

Grain Free Quick Bite Cookies

Bacon & Blueberry Flavor

Country Vet® Naturals Bacon & Blueberry Quick Bite Cookies

Available online at VFC Distributors…

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